WOW, I have been a very bad girl. As much as I’d like to make up an array of tales full of fantastical elements, I can’t. My absence from the world has been because of the arrival of a very special, and all together fantastic little girl.

Yes, my baby girl arrived three weeks early on March 13th, and we could not be more happy or besotted with the final addition to our Lynch Family Legacy. Poppy Anne Lynch, weighed in at 6lbs 3ozs and is the most perfect baby EVER.

Poppy was a little unwell when she was born and needed some time-out in SCBU, but soon bounced back, and got the nack of feeding all by herself. Now she’s a milk guzzling monster and I could not be more proud. She’s a little fighter, just like me.

So, because of the world-wind arrival of Poppy, life is certainly taking some getting used to. Night time feeds, dirty nappies, gas, and all the little giggles in between. She is now 12 weeks old and is becoming this incredible little lady. She certainly has all the men in the house wrapped around her little fingers and of course, me, mummy, I just melt when she looks at me.

Poppy Anne on her Christening day, 3rd June 2012
I am slowly getting back to work, and trying my hand at some non-fiction to ease me back into the game, and I can tell you, I am loving it. I had BIG plans for several projects this year, but it seems that life has decided that I need to slow down some, and have some time for me and my family and put a little something back into it.
So that being said, I am off now. I am on feeding duty 24/7 and The Popster really does insist on being fed when she hollers.
Ciao for now my lovelies. It’s good to be back 🙂