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Pain and suffering is all Nathan Stone has ever known. He emerges from the shadows, eager to leave his mark on the world around him. Harboring a grudge for his Irish Catholic roots, he refuses to live by the rules others have set before him.

Forced to flee his beloved Ireland, Nathan takes refuge in Boston, where he assumes a new identity. The voyage across the sea awakens a part of him he never knew existed. He becomes a part of the Brotherhood of the Golden Dawn, a ritualistic society based on the Thelemic ideals of Aleister Crowley, and his life takes a different turn.

Nathan is more than happy to hide behind his new identity, though he yearns for the day when he can exert his newfound power against those who have done him wrong.

Allowing the true monster within to control him in a way he never imagined, he soon finds himself immersed in a world of his own making. A world where boundaries are crossed and lives are taken, all in the search of his True Will.

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