Oh my goodness.

I’ve been keeping this book a secret for a while now. In fact, I’ve been so tight lipped,  that there are actually only a select number of people who know and are involved in the project. I’ve always been fascinated by tattoos and firemen and the original concept for Ash began over a year ago. I knew back then that this book was special. It deals with some harrowing subjects and the balance between the dark and light themes are beautiful. But don’t be alarmed. It’s sexy as hell and for me, as a writer, I found it very liberating losing myself to every scene within the book, especially writing from a male POV.  I truly believe in Ash and his journey. He is not only beautiful but a man who’s been through so much and deserves his slice of happiness. And if any of you know me,  there is no way in hell that I make any of this easy for him. So, without giving too much away, I am thrilled to share with you, my stand alone novel, Ash xoxxo


Release Date: 27th September 2016

Torn between love and duty.
One man must fight for what is his.

Ash Benton had it all.
A loving wife.
A flourishing career.
A little boy who adores him.

All that comes crashing down when his past catches up with him.
Love and grief bring out the worst in people, in Ash’s case, the long winding path to self-destruction.
With nothing but his son on his mind, two very different women try to pull him in opposite directions. Ash struggles honoring his wife’s dying words and is haunted by the errors of his ways.

Can he overcome his internal battle?
Will he finally allow love to mend his broken heart?

ash-share-ebook (1)

Photography by Wander Pedro Aguiar

Model: Marshall Perrin

Cover by Irish Ink

I want to thank everyone who has been involved in this project:

Leigh Stone, who has been nothing short of amazing. Owner and founder of Irish Ink. She’s been a blessing to work with and I love the pants off her.

Andrey Bahia, who was just so lovely to me from the get-go. He understood my passion and was a pleasure to work with. Thank you.

Wander, photographer extraordinaire. What can I say? You captured the perfect reflection of Ash and I will be eternally grateful for your talent and vision. Thank you.

Marshall Perrin, for being my muse and the perfect representation of Ash. The world is going to fall in love with you. Thank you.

Brandy, you were a fan, who became a friend, and now a close confident. I bow my head to you. You put your life on the line every time you step inside that plane and I swear to god, you are amazing.

Jenny Flores, PA to Wander. You got first dibs on this baby and I was so nervous, but you assured me everything would be fine. Thank you kiddo.

Michelle McLoughney, Holy Christ girl, I love you! I’ve had no better love and support. Thank you for being YOU!

Michelle Simm, how could I ever thank you for being my Twatwaffler. I swear to God, the world need more people like you in. I love you.

Kirsty Turner, new reader, new fan, new friend, bloody brilliant chick. Thank you for falling in love with my Ash. I think he’s a keeper. And thank you for your honesty.

Louise Chapman from Hooked on books & Cherry0Blossoms Promotions & all the bloggers sharing today – THANK YOU!

And last but not least, my boo from San Francisco, Jenn Chase – How do I make it through the week without your love, support, and general craziness? I can’t. That’s how. This one is a killer, right?

So as you can all see, this has been a team effort, but a very close guarded one. I can’t wait until you all read it.

Until next time, love, hugs, and kisses from Ireland xoxo