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Behind the Scenes

This year has been a slow one for me in the writing department. It’s not that I lack desire, believe me, it’s there. It’s just that sometimes life and all its chaos gets in the way. And that is exactly where I am at. I made an informed decision in the latter months of [...]

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My Musings

It’s a Tuesday evening. I’m sat in my office, at my desk, eating granola and bio yogurt. It’s my day off work. I’ve been to the gym, did a little house work, dressed the minions, fed the cats and chatted to some friends. But the one thing I had planned on doing today, hasn’t happened. [...]

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Exclusive First Chapter: ASH

With September literally around the corner, I thought it about time to release CHAPTER ONE of ASH, because this beautiful, bad boy with a heart of gold deserves all the limelight he can get. This is a tough read. Very angsty, sexy and completely compelling. It will tug at those heartstrings, leave you shouting "no", [...]

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The Struggle Is Not Only Real…It’s CRIPPLING!

So there I was, just getting myself all settled in and cozy at my desk. You know the drill: children off to school, cup of coffee, pen, notebook and open word document. With a smile on my face, I stretch my arms, and crank my neck from side-to-side and low and behold, my brain goes [...]

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This book has been sitting, ready and waiting for eighteen months now and FINALLY, I have been given the all clear by the powers that be - film producer Mark Roemmich and my agent Italia Gandolfo -  to get it ready for publication this summer. I know, I can't stop getting excited about the release [...]

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Cover Reveal: ASH

Oh my goodness. I've been keeping this book a secret for a while now. In fact, I've been so tight lipped,  that there are actually only a select number of people who know and are involved in the project. I've always been fascinated by tattoos and firemen and the original concept for Ash began over [...]

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Cover Reveal: The Glass Tower (The Rose Chronicles, Book Two)

Today, I am literally tickled pink to share with you the cover of THE GLASS TOWER, coming April 5th, 2016. The Glass Tower is the second book in The Rose Chronicles series.     Blurb: Locked in the safety of the Glass Tower, Bianka plots her revenge. Her body might be the property of Kefozsé, [...]

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