Well, I am just the worst person at updating EVERYTHING in my life right now.  Do you ever have those days were you KEEP promising to do things, spend all day doing ‘other’ things, and never quite getting round to doing the ‘things’ that needed tending to in the first place? Yeah? Well, welcome to my world.

I have been so busy with running my EXTRA busy household, writing, having laptop trouble and trying to sane on top of it all. No easy feat let me tell you, BUT as life starts to settle down (somewhat), the baby becoming less dependent on me (no more night feeds, praise the lord) and my work schedule heading in the right direction, I can now BREATHE a sigh of relief.

Whilst this year has been a toughie in all respects, it has also be one of blessings. For one, my daughter came into the world safely and is thriving, and boy do we LOVE her. Secondly, I have found a home with Vamptasy Publishing, and have gained a WHOLE new family that supports, promotes and endorses each other on a whole new level. Respect is priceless and in the literary world, that is a precious commodity.

Me with my Paperback of Within the Shadows

Of course, my plans for 2012 haven’t gone exactly the way I had foreseen them, but you want to know something? I am not going to beat myself up over the ‘what ifs’ or ‘could have beens’ I am just thankful that my books are reaching a wider audience and gaining the notoriety they deserve. I’ve worked long and hard on this series for it to be just another ‘washed out series’.  I am passionate about my tale and can NOT wait for the conclusion to hit stores next year.

Books 1&2 and a little taste of both.
Vamptasy Publishing have been thorough with their work ethic and have supported my every endeavor. Back in September, we saw my first ever book launch which was a success, with people buying copies of my book, and having ME sign them. Crazy, right? I know. I still have moments of disbelief, but you know something, I am proud of myself, and proud of the writer I am becoming.  Each day sees me becoming more passionate about what I am doing, and THAT is a great place to be.
A small crowd gathers for cake and a signature.
A reading as requested by fans!
With the success of The Shadow World novels, I’ve embarked on new journey, involving the lovable and desirable character: Antoine Vilniv.
The proposed art work for the first two books.
The Vilniv Chronicles follows Antoine and his life before Giselle and the Shadow World.  Of course we will meet familiar characters such as Leonid, and Afanas. We will also be introduce to Antoine’s Twin, Isobelle, who proves to be just as flamboyant as her brother. From London, to the guillotines of France, we will see, taste and love the world through Antoine’s eyes.

Escaping Shadows releases this Christmas.
Preliminary cover art for Fighting Shadows
So, as you can see, 2013 proves to be a planned busy year, BUT I am going to take it all in my stride.
Merry Christmas from a ‘few’ of my children, and of course myself.
Have a blessed Christmas wherever you are, and remember, “The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid.” ~ Jane Austen.
In other words, go read a book!
Ciao my lovelies 🙂