So, I am just going to put this out there. I AM RUBBISH at the whole blogging thing. But after talking about the possibility of closing down the blog with my team. We agreed that I just HAD to make a better effort.

And here I am.

So what’s been happening in my world since I last, ahem, blogged?

Well, A LOT.

In the past eighteen months, so many wonderful and equally crappy things have happened in my life. I have lost friends, gained friends. Lost my confidence and regained it. I found myself at the bottom of the well, drowning. Consumed by desire, but broken by despair. It was a horrid place to be.

And then I sucked it up, killed off the self-deprecating ego and became proactive. If anyone was going to make it happen for me, it was ME.

Yes, I am the master of my own destiny and it is I who controls how far I go in this big old beautiful world of ours. No one else can make things happen for me, well, some can, but I had to put the work in.

I pulled on my big girl pants, I sat down and wrote, wrote, wrote …. and wrote some more.

truth 2
Then something beautiful happened.

I saw my worth and so did the people in my little world.

I was signed by the incredible Italia Gandolfo in July of this year and ever since, it has been a whirlwind.

The self-belief I had in myself all those years ago has come back. Yes, I KNOW I will have days when I will doubt myself, but on those same days, I will overcome that doubt and continue writing. There is nothing else for it.

I was born to put pen to paper, to create worlds and stories. To give other’s an outlet. To provide entertainment. To leave a legacy of my words behind me. And even after all is said and done, the hardships, the tears and the rejections have made me hungrier and like a beast, I will devour my future and claim it as my own.




My mantra for today: Never doubt your abilities. You are worth every tear, smile and good thing that comes your way. Self-belief comes from within. Let it shine xoxo